Andres Alcantar, Texas Workforce Commission Chairman on Sites on Texas 3.0

Andres Alcantar

The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), in partnership with Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, announces the launch of SitesOnTexas 3.0, an online workforce planning and business development tool. TWC is committed to working with our partners to deliver market driven solutions that support employers, workers, and communities in their efforts to achieve economic prosperity. To this end, TWC seeks innovative ways to support local strategies to expand the Texas economy and create jobs in a globally competitive market place.

SOTv3.0 is a geographic mapping technology that allows workforce and economic development professionals to effectively collaborate with employers and plan for business expansion, job retention, and workforce training. This technology allows users to access comprehensive demographic information to view labor market and economic data through charts and maps that convey complex statistical information in an easy-to-understand visual format.

TWC is pleased to offer SOTv3.0 as another tool in our commitment to keep Texas as a premier destination for business.


Andres Alcantar
Chairman, Texas Workforce Commission